Why Scar those Little Souls
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Stress is not a new word for any person who is working. Be it in the office, the traffic, neighbourhood, at home or even the latest drama on air. Stress affects not just the individual, but also the people around him or her. This could be the colleagues, neighbours, or worse the family. LIFE MAID EASY, COCHIN. Most often, it is the wife who bears the brunt. Many husbands just vent it out (in some cases blow up) at home. As an equal and opposite reaction, the wife also explodes. The children are mute spectators to all this. As in today's nuclear families, there is no other family member to moderate the two. LIFE MAID EASY, COCHIN.

The children are mute spectators to this showdown. Children, innocent as they are, absorb every word and the pain that comes with it. The two people who love them the most, who are the foundation of their lives and make them feel safe and battling it out. At a time when grandparents are working or far away, there is little scope to absorb the shock. LIFE MAID EASY, COCHIN.

The presence of another adult can mitigate the effects the stress. When children are left in the care of grandparents (or other relatives), often they tend to unnecessarily interfere and take sides. This leads the other spouse to get angrier and say things they may regret. Such words leave a deep impact on children, even if they are not directly in the line of fire. LIFE MAID EASY, COCHIN.

A maid on the other hand is a neutral third party. She can safe move the children out of the violent atmosphere atleast till things calm down. A good maid can reassure the kids that everything will be alright. Since she is neutral, both husband and wife can get to know how their arguments, big AND small can affect these impressionable minds. A wise maid can resolve these conflicts without getting the grandparents/ other relatives involved. LIFE MAID EASY, COCHIN.

Next time you argue, just think of those little souls, who could be scarred for life over a dish with no salt. Cheers!

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