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By Kellie Arthur | 0 Comments

Being a Super Mom takes incredible power. And like every other Super Hero we know, it includes getting up and working while the world around them sleeps

What makes a mom super?

  • Is it her ability to multi task and jungle her daily duties?
  • Is it the way she is always in a good mood and ready to please?
  • Is it the way she runs a tidy house equipped with cute little chore charts for everyone?
  • Is it how the laundry is always done and the floors are always mopped before the end of the day?
  • Or maybe it is how her kids are always so nicely dressed and bathed with matching socks and bows?




Those things do not make us super-human they make us un-human. Perfection is not human. Perfection is other worldly, it is heavenly.


Those things listed above are the ideals we as the mothers sometimes believe make us a super or just a good mom. We measure our greatness by how much and how well we can perform and so we live in a constant state of failure, or at least I do. So when my son called me Super-Mom I had to take a moment to re-evaluate what it meant to him.

For my 3 year old super hero enthusiast, my Super-Mom powers are found in the little things that I fail to see throughout the day. In the little things that don’t seem to matter so much to me but that matter all the world to him. They are in the moments we share tying shoes, getting dressed, brushing teeth, pouring cereal, fixing broken toys, or reading a story. They are the moments we share a laugh and sometimes they are the moments we must share the pain of discipline, they are in the little things like buckling up for a car ride, kisses goodbye, dancing crazy to a favorite song, or morning hugs.

The power of a Super-Mom is hidden not in the control of perfection but in the reality that you are loved. Love is a powerful thing and it is all that matters. Your children do not measure your greatness by how much you do every day or how perfect, they measure it by your imperfect and constant love for them seen in a thousand little ways every day. I believe it is the power of His love living through us that makes a great mom, a Super-Mom.

So tonight when you kiss your babies goodnight and your tempted to feel like a failure, remember YOU are a Super-Mom not because you love them perfectly or keep a perfect house but simply because you are perfectly loved. His love is the cape that gives you the power to fly.

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