Bringing mother nature into your Home
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Having greenery around is always refreshing and rejuvenating. What if, you have small pond too with lotus or water Lilly in that. For most of the city crowd , its  just meager dream, as they live in apartments. Space and facility is always a constrain. Is it so hard by the way? I don't think so.

 I will tell you ,How I did it.


Identifying the right location is more important. You can set up a small pond in your Living room near your window or set it up in your balcony.

How to make the pond

Storage for water easy to identify. Used or New Tub, Containers ,or even designer ponds are available in the market .The best thing is you can choose your equipments of your choice depending on the size of the container or water storage .If your are smart enough you can use logs and bricks or even used thermocol blocks  to build the frame and cover it up with pond liner.

If you are planning to make it in the balcony, it is always better to use the pond liner  to make the pond. It helps to adjust and design the pond to the space in the balcony.


Parrot's Feather and sweetflag are great plants for oxygenating the pond and keeping the water clear. Choose the lily variety called Mary Patricia, which is a smaller lily better suited for containers. Local nurseries are selling water Lilly and Lotus plants . Their seeds can be purchased through online portals like Amazon/Flipcart

Use leafy plant in pots to cover-up the sides of the pond.It gives a originality to the pond and looks very natural.Plus it will help to neutralize the ammonia formation  from fish excretions.

Live Additions
Choose gold fish instead of koi for a small garden pond on a balcony, because they will stay smaller in proportion with the container and will eat mosquito eggs. They must be brought in during cold climate winter months. Guppy, Black and White mollies  can be added to the pond.


The water pump and filtration system can be purchased from Aquarium shops. It is always good to purchase submersible pumps with at least 1m pump head. Installing an Air pump is good to ensure oxygen availability in the tank. The water pump would cost around Rs.1000 and the Airpump would be around Rs200-300.


Who will look after the pond?

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