Baby Blues
By Najla Shaikh | 0 Comments

Any mom will regale in tales of her pregnancy, the cravings, the mood swings, the scans, the body changes. The biggest and goriest of all will the Labor Pain. "Oh, the pain. I thought I was going to die. And this fellow, He took his sweet time," says one mother. Another says, " I had to all the house work with no help or maids. I was pregnant with my second one, too. My little girl, would wait till I am done and she would start making a mess." Yet another would say, " Sleepless nights, all the house work and a baby to care for. All my husband laments about is work. As if babies are easy-peasy!", says another new mom.

New moms and even toddler moms dont have it easy. Many husbands do pitch in, but having a set of spare hands( a whole body for that matter) is always a blessing. With many grandmoms working or not healthy enough, a nanny would be welcome relief. So dear husbands, do the ladies a favour and get a certified nanny. See how dramatically your wife's mood improves. You can thank us later.

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