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Life without maids, during your busy schedule? No way. That is where we come handy. Everyone has their own life schedules and plans. Cooking, cleaning, preparing kids for school, taking care of your toddler or infant and after that , rushing to work . Coming back home and repeat the same schedule.

When was the last time, you had a really quality time with your family? Most of you need to refresh your memory multiple times to find one. Life Maid Easy Services Incorporated helps you to re-discover your quality life. What we do? Simple; We provide you with customised Maid Service. We have Daily Maid Service and Live-In Maid Service, with customised service packages to suit your requirements. If you are a working woman, the thought of cooking dinner, doing the dishes and cleaning up after a long day at office simply isn’t appealing. Our experienced maids can cook, clean and manage your home so that you can breathe a little easier. You can watch a movie with peace of mind, can go for shopping with easy mind, you can have dinner at a restaurant without bothering much about pending household chores. We guarantee you service quality.

Our services are all across urban parts of Ernakulam and Cochin including Ernakulam, Cochin, Aluva, Edapally, Kaloor, Kakkanad, Thammanam, Kochi. Be it, house cleaning or housekeeping or cooking, we definitely will be your helping hand. What are you waiting for? We are just a call away from you. Pick a package that suits you and enjoy a hassle free home.

Maids In Cochin

Newborn Care in Kakkanad

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. Her body goes through a lot of changes during each week of her pregnancy. Many women can manage themselves during pregnancy. But Post Delivery will be a different scenario. Post Delivery Care or After Delivery Care (Also known as Postpartum Care or Postnatal Care) for the new mother and newborn baby is extremely important. The emotional and physical changes along with hormonal changes might push the mother to Postpartum Depression. The learned teachers of Ayurveda say, the post delivery care given in the first 6 weeks after child birth goes a long way in the future health of both mother and new born.

Our post delivery care professionals have the experience and hands on training to nurture and care for the mother and new born. Our post delivery packages are rooted in the traditional Ayurveda Postpartum practices. The care givers are trained and experienced to meet the different types of delivery the mother went through and physique of the mother. The care givers are trained to take care of newborn as well.

Want to know more? We are just a call away. We definitely will take care of you and your cute little one.


Being a parent is a great blessing. Multitasking is a skill. But sometimes children can be a handful making you a stressed, angry mommy. For a working mother, it is not easy to spare more time for your little one. It is high time to consider hiring a reliable nanny who will feed, bathe and take care of your young toddler, while you make that important presentation. Our nanny services will take care of child, so you get to follow your favourite hobbies and your child gets a happier parent. Even if it’s infant care, our experienced and trained care givers make sure you can be rest assured your infant is in safe hands while you take that much needed break with your friends. Let your children grow naturally, let them play in the mother nature. Our nannies will take care of them, as their own. Can you picture your child coming from the park and telling you all what happened and you are all relaxed to listen to every single detail with a smile? If you are nodding yes as you read, then call us right now.

Nanny in Cochin

Cooks In Kochi,Cooks In Ernakulam

You can juggle between your kid’s schedules, long work hours and even making your home look sparkling clean. But when it comes to cooking, you just can’t get it right. You follow the recipe to the T, still it looks nowhere like it did in the pictures. Even YouTube isn’t helping. Ordering in looks like a great option but can you guess the price? Not to mention the long term effect on your health.

Life Maid Easy Services Incorporated can help you with good, hygienic healthy home cooked, additives free food everyday when you take our Cook service. Our Cook service is available in urban parts of Ernakulam and Cochin including Kaloor, Kadavanthara, Kochi, Kakkanad, Edapally, Aluva, Ernakulam. Our cooks cum maids are experienced and can cook different cuisines. They are experienced enough to maintain good order in kitchen and limit wastage of resources. So, what are you waiting for?

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