Happy Onam
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Maveli Naadu vaanidum kaalam

Manushyarellarum onnu pole

Aamodathode vasikkum kaalam

Aapathangarku-mottilla thaanum


The most awaited time for every Malayalee is here. The trees, the waters and the people of Kerala welcome their beloved Mahabali with Pookalams(Floral carpets), Onam songs and the harvest of the year. And any Malayalee will swear by his sadya. No doubt that is the best part of Onam. The smell of banana leaf when the rice warms it, the piping hot sambhar, the parripu, rasam, puliseri, pachadi, pulinchi the kootaans- kaalan, avial, thoran, olan and the spicy pickles - mango, lime, as well as pappadam, banana, buttermilk, and of course, banana chips. Nothing beats the sweet, slurpy, gooey payasam. 

For any mother, all these meals means a lot of time in the kitchen. Its more than a days work to prepare and more than that to clean up. In short, the ladies sweat it out in the kitchen, when thay should be enjoying the festivals. So do the ladies a favour and let them enjoy their Thiruvathara. Just relax and hire a maid from Life Maid Easy. 

From the whole team of Life Maid Easy, HAPPY ONAM!!!!

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