New Mothers Need Support !
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  Giving birth is an amazing achievement, and every mum responds in her own way. You may feel bruised, exhausted, disappointed and even depressed. Or you may feel alert, happy and physically and emotionally content.You may feel sore after a tear or cut to the area between your vagina and back passage (perineum), or be in pain because you are recovering from a caesarean.

However you feel, remember that you are recovering from a huge physical and emotional upheaval. Be kind to yourself and your body, and allow yourself time to get your strength back. With plenty of rest and support, you should recover quickly.

The Maids, Life Maid Easy Services Incorporated Cochin, employ for Post delivery care or Postnatal care or Postpartum care are trained and experienced to attend to the physical and mental situations of the mother . Rooted in the Ayurvedic system of postnatal or post delivery care, they follow systematic approach to the mother and the newborn. 

While the mother need special attention and care, the newborn baby need extra care . They need oil massages ,careful bathing, burping /airing etc . Most of the mother are not accustomed to the special care the baby requires. During the service period , Life Maid Easy Services Incorporated's Post Delivery Care givers, train the mother, to the special treatment the newborn requires.

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